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We believe in our customers and build trust with them. That is why they have trusted us with their insurance needs. We are an independent insurance agency representing a wide variety of professional insurance carriers which we have chosen to work with, based on their excellent reputation.

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We evaluate each customer individually and place them with the right carrier to best fit their insurance needs. Call Gordon/Tower insurance today for a free consultation. Michael Bodnar will review your insurance policies and conduct a free insurance analysis. No need to wait for your current policy to expire - call today to find out how Michael can help you save money

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Why spend your time with big box insurance companies where you are just a number when you can get personal one on one support. Instead of talking to an inexperienced phone operator in India or some other foreign country, your expert is right here, in your neighborhood! We come to YOU to earn YOUR business by putting away the sales pitch and showing you a quote custom designed for you.

Business/Commercial Insurance

We know your business means everything to you. It is also important to us. In a tough economy, you face challenges every day. As a business owner, you want to make sure your business is adequately protected today and tomorrow. Like you, Michael J. Bodnar of Gordon Tower Insurance, is a small business owner and understands the importance of developing a plan for continued financial security. Michael can work with you to determine the right combination of insurance and financial products for you and your business.

Gordon Tower offers solutions for your property and liability insurance needs.  We also find the right coverage for your commercial auto(s), as well as worker’s compensation, professional and specialty products, Inland marine and mobile property, surety and fidelity bonds, performance bonds and financial products insurance. Your business is unique, and your coverage should be too. 

Running a business of any kind is a lot of hard work. As a business owner, you have a dozen things to worry about on any given day, but insurance shouldn’t be one of them. At Gordon Tower Insurance, we take on the heavy lifting for you, working with you to uncover your needs to find insurance coverage that’s as custom made as your business is.

There are several considerations and questions we will ask about before making a coverage recommendation for you. To determine Risk evaluation, it would help you if we took professional stock of the risks that your business is exposed to. Regarding Commercial property and auto, we will find out what commercial buildings, vehicles and equipment are critical to your business. What if a customer slips and falls in your store or building? This is Commercial liability. You will also need to consider Employment practices liability. This provides coverage if an employee steals from you or your customers and provides protection against this happening. Every business is unique.

If your company does business that needs liability protection with higher limits, you may need a commercial umbrella policy. Your unique type of business or industry will impact the type of insurance needs you have. We offer Commercial Packages as well as Farm Owners Insurance. You will need to make sure you have Workers compensation, which legally prepares you if an employee gets hurt on the job. You might need to consider Employee life insurance, which could include employee benefit options in your existing insurance portfolio which might save you money in the long run.

Many company owners are concerned about Business continuation and succession planning in case of a business partner or key executive falling ill or dying unexpectedly. We would want your company to survive the loss.

There is a lot to consider for start-up businesses too. If you’re thinking about starting a business, you know there are a lot of risks. You are a leader and your entrepreneurial spirit is not only admirable but it’s critical to keeping our economy going. At the same time, it’s smart business to limit your risks as much as you can. That’s where business insurance and solid advice from Michael J. Bodnar of Gordon Tower Insurance come into play.

Business Insurance is absolutely necessary. If you have any employees, certain types of insurance, including workers’ compensation and disability insurance, may be required by law. You will also be required to have insurance if you have a company car. Business and Commercial insurance coverage is a stipulation of getting a business loan, lease, supplier or customer contract or a state or local business license.

In a lot of cases, there are no laws, rules or regulations that mandate business owners make smart choices about protecting their businesses properly. As a result, a great number of small businesses don’t have insurance, which is alarming. Why? Many small businesses go without insurance because of the cost. But they haven’t carefully considered what not having insurance could cost them.

The reality is that all businesses face risks that could be financially devastating without proper insurance protection. Certain businesses are higher risk. If you’re opening a scuba diving school, your business risks are going to be a lot more substantial than if you’re opening up an independent bookstore. But no business is entirely immune to risks. Some of the risks are from nature like disasters caused by tornados, floods or fires. Other are man-made or human factor, like theft by an employee, employee accidents, death of a business partner or key executive, false advertising or copyright infringement, malpractice or negligence, product-related injuries or accidents, data breach, and other type risks.

With inadequate insurance coverage, any of these situations could hurt your business and also could jeopardize your personal assets, resulting in you having to close your doors much more quickly than you opened them. We are here to advise and protect you from that. We don’t want the hard work you have done to go to waste and will make sure your business is covered. Gordon Tower Insurance will help you secure the right insurance for your company.

Trying to understand your insurance needs and which coverages are the right fit is very overwhelming, if not downright impossible for you to do on your own. We are not only well-versed in the types of risks businesses face, we also know the types of insurance products available to protect businesses. Because we represent multiple insurance companies we have access to a wide range of products to choose from. We can help you carefully consider and identify potential risks to your business and fully explore insurance options on your behalf, so that your company’s coverage can be matched to your unique needs.

If you are just starting out, create a detailed business plan that outlines what the business will do and how it will do it. A solid business plan is a crucial tool when it comes to securing insurance as well as funding for a new business. A well prepared business plan  demonstrates to insurance underwriters and potential investors that you’ve done your homework in considering the risks you may encounter and how to protect your business as it grows. We can review your business plan and pitch it to insurance underwriters.

There are lots of types of commercial insurance products on the market, ranging from general liability insurance, to property coverage, to commercial automobile coverage, to data breach and e-commerce coverage. Knowing what protection you need starts with understanding the unique risks your business faces. For example, if you’re starting a contracting business or a manufacturing company, equipment breakdown or electrical failure could seriously jeopardize your livelihood. On the other hand, if you’re launching an e-commerce site, protection against data compromise is a coverage you will need. We can help you identify your potential liabilities and risks via a professional risk assessment so you know what types of coverage you need.

If your business requires a number of different types of coverage, such as property coverage, vehicle coverage, protection from business interruptions or loss of equipment and liability coverage, you might want to consider a package deal like a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). A BOP bundles different types of coverage together and can save you money versus buying separate policies for your various insurance needs.

Even if a BOP makes sense for you, Gordon Tower Insurance will consider customizing the coverage so you have added protection where you need it. We can help you look at adding endorsements or other options to your coverage based on your business’s specific needs and risks. Remember, we have access to  multiple insurance carriers, so we are very well equipped to deliver the customized insurance you need.

Home-based and small business owners often make two common insurance mistakes. Home-based business owners often assume their homeowner’s policy covers business assets. You need a separate commercial policy to safeguard business property and protect your business from liability. Another mistake is that owners who have incorporated or formed an LLC may think their business structure protects them. A formal business structure may protect your personal assets,  but it won’t cover business losses.

While protecting your business with insurance is necessary, no company owner wants to pay for insurance coverage that he/she doesn’t need. By working closely with Micahel J. Bodnar and ensuring he truly understands your business will help prevent buying unnecessary coverage. Other ways to cut down on costs are by choosing a higher deductible and following our recommendations for avoiding loss. Risks change as years go by. It’s a good idea to review your insurance policies with us each year to identify new risks and ensure you have the proper coverage to protect your company and your livelihood for the long term. Call Gordon Tower Insurance today at 216/663-7777!







Knowledgeable & great to work with

Strongsville resident Karen Freedman says “Michael Bodnar is knowledgeable and great to work with. He always has an encouraging word and has been a huge help when we have had to make a claim on our insurance.”


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Akron resident Amy Friday says “Michael is dependable, hardworking and is quick to respond. He has been there for us when we needed him, especially when our daughter was in a car accident. He helped us and answered all of our questions in a timely manner.”  


Professional and Experienced

Lakewood resident Lisa Sierk says “We have all of our insurance with Michael Bodnar. We had been with the same agent for decades who retired without informing us. Michael is professional and experienced and we wanted someone who would be in our corner and we have that with Michael.”


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