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We believe in our customers and build trust with them. That is why they have trusted us with their insurance needs. We are an independent insurance agency representing a wide variety of professional insurance carriers which we have chosen to work with, based on their excellent reputation.

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We evaluate each customer individually and place them with the right carrier to best fit their insurance needs. Call Gordon/Tower insurance today for a free consultation. Michael Bodnar will review your insurance policies and conduct a free insurance analysis. No need to wait for your current policy to expire - call today to find out how Michael can help you save money

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Why spend your time with big box insurance companies where you are just a number when you can get personal one on one support. Instead of talking to an inexperienced phone operator in India or some other foreign country, your expert is right here, in your neighborhood! We come to YOU to earn YOUR business by putting away the sales pitch and showing you a quote custom designed for you.

Business Safety & Prevention

Keeping your workplace safe for all who work there as well as customers who come to your place of business is very important. This requires that your workplace is as free of hazards as it can be. An employee injury can result in an expensive workers compensation claim or even a lawsuit in a worst case scenario. A safety checklist, as well as an employee assigned to workplace safety in your workplace, can go a long way toward maximizing a safe business environment.

Floors -Keep your floors clear of any debris that could cause people to trip and fall down. If your business involves working with fluids, such as a restaurant or car repair shop, immediately mop up spills or leaks.
Staircases –Stairs leading to storage areas can become a dumping ground for items like boxes of paper, tools or other items employees want out of the way. Check your staircases each day and clear them of any tripping hazards. Also, make sure stairways are adequately lit.

Lighting-Proper overhead lighting in offices is vital in preventing eyestrain for computer employees. Outdoor lighting at night provides a safer journey from workplace to parking lot for your workers.
Footwear -If you operate an industrial workplace, like a tool & die shop, proper footwear is essential. Require your workers to wear steel-toed boots or shoes.

Emergency Procedures-All employees should be taught emergency procedures such as what to do in case of a fire or worker injury. Fire Escape plans should be displayed and employees should know the procedure to quickly and safely evacuate the building in case of emergency. Clearly mark all exits and have any emergency contact numbers displayed in common areas.
First-Aid Kits –Keep a well-stocked First Aid Kit in a visible area. If there are medications relevant to your work hazards, make sure you add these to the standard kit. Check expiration dates on bottles periodically to keep products up to date.

Safety Equipment – Provide the necessary safety clothing and equipment your employees need to do their job. Depending on the nature of your business, this may include safety goggles, hard hats, gloves, footwear, reflective vests or protective outerwear.

Cleanliness – Dirty workplaces pose a health and safety risk to everyone. Post signs in restrooms regarding hand washing procedures. Be sure that all restrooms are cleaned at least once a day, and require employees to clean up after themselves in lunchrooms or cafeterias. Mop floors and vacuum regularly to cut down on allergens and bacteria that cause illness.

Elevated Surfaces – Mark steps or uneven floor surfaces clearly with lighting or reflective strips. Even minimal differences in floor levels can present a tripping hazard. Mark any high traffic elevated areas with warning signs.
Machines and Power Tools – Be sure that all machines and power tools are kept in proper working order and inspect them regularly. Make sure that all employees are properly trained in using equipment safely before allowing them to work alone.




Knowledgeable & great to work with

Strongsville resident Karen Freedman says “Michael Bodnar is knowledgeable and great to work with. He always has an encouraging word and has been a huge help when we have had to make a claim on our insurance.”


Hardworking & quick to respond

Akron resident Amy Friday says “Michael is dependable, hardworking and is quick to respond. He has been there for us when we needed him, especially when our daughter was in a car accident. He helped us and answered all of our questions in a timely manner.”  


Professional and Experienced

Lakewood resident Lisa Sierk says “We have all of our insurance with Michael Bodnar. We had been with the same agent for decades who retired without informing us. Michael is professional and experienced and we wanted someone who would be in our corner and we have that with Michael.”


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