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We believe in our customers and build trust with them. That is why they have trusted us with their insurance needs. We are an independent insurance agency representing a wide variety of professional insurance carriers which we have chosen to work with, based on their excellent reputation.

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We evaluate each customer individually and place them with the right carrier to best fit their insurance needs. Call Gordon/Tower insurance today for a free consultation. Michael Bodnar will review your insurance policies and conduct a free insurance analysis. No need to wait for your current policy to expire - call today to find out how Michael can help you save money

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Why spend your time with big box insurance companies where you are just a number when you can get personal one on one support. Instead of talking to an inexperienced phone operator in India or some other foreign country, your expert is right here, in your neighborhood! We come to YOU to earn YOUR business by putting away the sales pitch and showing you a quote custom designed for you.

Avoiding Accidents

On long road trips, learn to pull over when you need to. Do not drive tired. It’s just not worth it. Get plenty of sleep before you drive.

Do not drive impaired. Even many prescription drugs can negatively affect your driving ability. Don’t drink alcohol, take drugs, or drive when you’re sick. Your judgment is not as good when you have had a cold or bacterial infection.

Pay maximum attention while driving. You are much more likely to make a grave error when distracted. Not only is texting illegal, but receiving a text prompt can be disturbing. Turn off your cell phone, and ladies, put your makeup on at home please! Make sure your makeup is okay before you leave so you’re not checking the mirror repeatedly. Read your newspaper with your cup of coffee before you leave, set your radio dial before you pull out of the driveway. You really need two hands to steer so don’t let go of the steering wheel to eat, drink, or do other things that you shouldn’t be doing while driving.

Make sure if your vehicle is overloaded for a road trip that you have plenty of elbow and head room to drive.  Also, don’t be tempted to stick extra items down by the driver’s side floor. You need substantial room around you while maneuvering your car.

Make sure you stay visually alert to everything around you, not just what’s ahead. Keep your eyes moving. Don’t just fix your gaze straight ahead and get visually lazy -check your mirrors often and look out your side windows occasionally. You need to maintain an awareness of everything that’s developing outside your car.

Use your turn signal any time you are switching lanes, exiting the highway or turning. If other drivers understand what you’re doing, they’re less likely to get in your way. Many accidents could have been avoided if drivers made using their turn signals a habit!

Make sure you are well acquainted with your car. Know your vehicle intimately. How far is the front bumper from that car in front of you when you are parallel parking? How far out do your rear view mirrors extend? Do your tires have the proper air pressure? Make sure the car is serviced properly. Keep up with regular maintenance on your vehicle. Check tires, engine light, oil pressure, temperature etc.

Let people who want to drive faster pass you. Don’t worry about speeding up to accommodate them. Who cares if they beat you to your destination? At least you will arrive in one piece! So what if you have to wait an extra light to get through the intersection. If someone blows their horn why not just let them pass? Be polite – let pedestrians have the right of way. Let other drivers merge in when waiting in a long queue. You are a better person for it. In other words, relax. It doesn’t pay to be angry. You will be more relaxed when you reach your destination and will have avoided an accident!



Knowledgeable & great to work with

Strongsville resident Karen Freedman says “Michael Bodnar is knowledgeable and great to work with. He always has an encouraging word and has been a huge help when we have had to make a claim on our insurance.”


Hardworking & quick to respond

Akron resident Amy Friday says “Michael is dependable, hardworking and is quick to respond. He has been there for us when we needed him, especially when our daughter was in a car accident. He helped us and answered all of our questions in a timely manner.”  


Professional and Experienced

Lakewood resident Lisa Sierk says “We have all of our insurance with Michael Bodnar. We had been with the same agent for decades who retired without informing us. Michael is professional and experienced and we wanted someone who would be in our corner and we have that with Michael.”


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