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We believe in our customers and build trust with them. That is why they have trusted us with their insurance needs. We are an independent insurance agency representing a wide variety of professional insurance carriers which we have chosen to work with, based on their excellent reputation.

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We evaluate each customer individually and place them with the right carrier to best fit their insurance needs. Call Gordon/Tower insurance today for a free consultation. Michael Bodnar will review your insurance policies and conduct a free insurance analysis. No need to wait for your current policy to expire - call today to find out how Michael can help you save money

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Why spend your time with big box insurance companies where you are just a number when you can get personal one on one support. Instead of talking to an inexperienced phone operator in India or some other foreign country, your expert is right here, in your neighborhood! We come to YOU to earn YOUR business by putting away the sales pitch and showing you a quote custom designed for you.

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Auto Safety 


Gordon Tower Insurance would like to share some great auto safety tips that seem like common sense, but whether you are a new driver or an experienced driver, this advice will enable you to keep you and your passengers safe. Also, keeping your auto safe and your insurance premiums affordable also helps!

First of all, keep up with your car maintenance. Cars that are well-maintained are safer vehicles so make sure you have your oil changed every 3,000 miles and make sure your engine, brakes, tires, belts and hoses are in good working order. Check your mirrors, windshield wipers, your headlights, taillights and your horn to make sure they are working properly.

Think about installing a car alarm to deter potential thieves. Always plan ahead and sometimes the quickest route is not the safest. Consider the best route and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get there so you don’t feel tempted to speed.

Gordon Tower Insurance also wants to remind you to check the weather forecast. Find out if severe weather is on its way, then plan your trip accordingly, either allowing for extra time, an extra stop or postponing it, if need be. Be prepared for emergencies by having an emergency road kit and store it in the trunk of your car. Items included should be a decent flashlight, road flares, a first aid kit, a wool blanket, water bottle, road atlas (yes! don’t always rely on your cell phone. Batteries can dip dangerously low in cold weather & your phone may be useless to you.) Store some extra warm clothes in your vehicle also, and if you are a woman, a pair of weather resistant boots. Being stranded in high heels is not fun!

To avoid an accident, please don’t drive tired. Pull over if you feel your eyes start to droop. Make sure you are well rested and alert before you start out on your trip. Avoid distracted driving. Gordon Tower Insurance asks that you put down your cell phone, don’t eat while you are driving, and no brushing your hair or applying makeup (I’ve actually seen a guy trimming nose hairs while driving – both tacky and dangerous!) It’s enough that we all adjust our radios and fidget with our heater and air conditioning buttons. Stay focused on the road and take in the scenery, not the texts you may have received while behind the wheel.

Make sure your seat belt is on and follow the driving laws you once knew as a new driver in driver’s Ed. Maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front of you, drive defensively, stay out of the passing lane unless you are passing a car or truck.

Never drive while impaired in any way. You should never operate a vehicle while drinking alcohol or taking drugs.  Even many over-the –counter drugs can severely impair your driving ability. Once they are consumed, any form of alcohol or drugs immediately impair your judgment. Your reaction time is much slower than you think. You emotional reaction and behaviors in general become exaggerated, putting you and everyone around you more at risk.

Learn to be patient in this world of short tempers. Be considerate to other drivers and treat them the way you would want to be treated (remember the Golden Rule?)  Aggressive driving, including following too close or passing another without clear distance all are examples that lead to serious accidents.

Gordon Tower Insurance also wants to share some tips with you about parking your car. It seems obvious, but make sure your doors are locked before you walk away. Check that windows are rolled up. Even if your car is in your own driveway, don’t leave your keys in the car. Don’t make it easy for thieves to steal your car or what’s in it.   Remove valuable items from your car especially when on vacation. Out of state plates are quick magnets for car thieves.

If you can’t take items with you, at the very least, hide them out of plain sight so thieves won’t be tempted to break in and steal from you. Always try to park your car in the best lit area of a parking lot or garage – for you and your cars safety. Don’t park right next to big vehicles that may not see you when they pull away. Don’t park near dumpsters or construction or other hazardous machinery. Gordon Tower Insurance wants to help you keep your auto safe and your insurance premiums affordable! Call us today at 216/663-7777.









Knowledgeable & great to work with

Strongsville resident Karen Freedman says “Michael Bodnar is knowledgeable and great to work with. He always has an encouraging word and has been a huge help when we have had to make a claim on our insurance.”


Hardworking & quick to respond

Akron resident Amy Friday says “Michael is dependable, hardworking and is quick to respond. He has been there for us when we needed him, especially when our daughter was in a car accident. He helped us and answered all of our questions in a timely manner.”  


Professional and Experienced

Lakewood resident Lisa Sierk says “We have all of our insurance with Michael Bodnar. We had been with the same agent for decades who retired without informing us. Michael is professional and experienced and we wanted someone who would be in our corner and we have that with Michael.”


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